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Top 18 Best Recruitment Agencies In Belgium(2023)

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Belgium is officially known as the Kingdom of Belgium and it is located in Western Europe. According to statistica, more than a million people reside in Belgium which means they are open to receiving foreigners.

A lot of recruitment agencies exist in Belgium and they are agencies that help connect job seekers with companies in several industries. The jobs they help job seekers secure might be either on a temporary basis, contract, or permanent basis in various industries or sectors like engineering, insurance, health, and HR to mention a few.

The recruitment agencies are also either International or local recruitment agencies and from research, a lot of people love making use of international recruitment agencies because of their trustworthiness however, we would love to inform you that there are also local recruitment agencies that are trustworthy in terms of the services they provide.

Best Recruitment/Staffing Agencies In Belgium

1. Page Personnel

Page Personnel is a subsidiary of the Page Group and they established their office in Belgium in 2003. Page is an expert staffing agency and they provide temporary staffing solutions to those whose areas of expertise are outlined below:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Sales Administration
  • Sales
  • Secretarial & Business Support

Page Personnel Contact Details

Bastion Tower Marsveldplein
Place du Champ de Mars, 5
1047 Brussels
Phone: +3225094575
Website URL:

2. Walters People

Walters People have been present in Belgium for the last 16 years. They are one of the agencies that make up the Robert Walters Group. They are known for undergoing specialized staffing for disciplines like accounting & treasury, Banking & Insurance, Finance, business support, HR & Payroll, logistics & supply chain, sales & marketing, and customer service for temporary, contract, and permanent jobs .

Walters People Contact Details

Walters People have different locations in Belgium and you can find their locations on their contact page.

Website URL:

3. Gentis Recruitment

Established in 2011, Gentis is currently one of the best recruitment agencies in the Belgium recruitment market. known for providing services like tailor-made contracts, permanent services, and recruitment on site for the following sectors: ICT, Engineering, Energy & Natural Resources, Life Sciences, Construction & Real estate, supply chain & procurement, technical sales, financial services, digital marketing, and human resources.

Gentis Recruitment Contact Details

Gentis has offices in three Belgian cities namely Brussels and Antwerp but the information provided below is for the Brussels office

Boulevard de la Woluwe 2
1150 Bruxelles
Phone: +32 2-737-51-60
Website URL:

4. Madison IT

Madison is a recruitment agency that specializes mainly in the engineering & IT disciplines. Their areas of expertise include engineering, supply chain, technicians, software development, IT analytical, and IT management.

Madison IT Contact Details

Frankrijklei 1562000 Antwerp Belgium
Website URL:

5. Arbalett

This is an executive search firm that provides recruitment solutions for those with technical and executive profiles. Their areas of expertise include engineering, life sciences, construction, supply chain & procurement, technical sales, Information technology, real estate, and finance.

Arbalett Contact Details

Koningin Astridlaan 166, 1780 Wemmel
Phone: +32-2-892-27-99
Website URL:

6. FSM Group

Known for having four sub-brands, their office in Brussels was established in 2008. The four sub-brands specialize in placing candidates in disciplines like engineering, tech, and finance while the fourth brand focuses on providing executive recruitment solutions.

FSM Group Contact Details

Brussels, Bld. de la Plaine 17, 1050 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2-647-32-67
Website URL:

7. Fyte/Morgan Philips

Morgan Philips is a leading international staffing agency with offices situated across different continents. They provide placement for those who specialize in banking & fintech, human resources, legal, office support & sales, sales, marketing & communication, engineering & manufacturing, insurance, life sciences, property & construction, startups, finance & accounting, IT & digital, Luxury & FMCG, Public Sector & Not for profit, Supply chain & logistics.

Morgan Philips Contact Details

Avenue Louise 222
Brussels 1050
Phone: +32-2-502-82-32
Website URL:

8. Brunei Belgium

Brunei has offices in Belgium and the Netherlands and they provide recruitment services for those in ICT, Engineering, and Life Sciences disciplines.

Website URL:

9. Hoffman & Associates

Hoffman & Associates is an independent staffing agency in Belgium that is known to provide executive search services, and interim management for over 30 years. They are known to specialize in sectors like industrial, commercial & retail, energy, financial services, life sciences and healthcare, technology, digital media and telecommunications, business & professional services, and public & not for profit.

Hoffman & Associates Contact Details

Hoffman & Associates has two offices in Belgium that are located in the city of Ghent and Brussels. We would outline the contact details of their Brussels office below

Boulevard de la Woluwe / Woluwedal 62
1200 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: +32-2-779-52-52
Website URL:

10. Stanton Chase

Stanton Chase is an international staffing agency with offices in various countries worldwide. They provide a broad range of recruitment solutions for those who specialize in the following disciplines Sales, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, IT, Engineering, R&D, QA,and Project Management.

Stanton chase Contact Details

Website URL:

11. Xtra HR Services

Xtra HR Services are specialists in helping place candidates to be placed in temporary jobs, permanent jobs, and student jobs for the following specialties: sales & office, maritime & supply chain, construction, transportation, technics, and HR Services.

Website URL:

12. Allo Interim

Allo Interim provides interim, payroll, and outplacement services for the following sectors: office, IT, Technics & Industry, and logistics.

Website URL:

13.Michael Page

Michael Page is a leading recruitment agency in the Belgium recruitment market. They provide interim management solutions for those who specialize in disciplines like Banking & Finance, Engineering & Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare & life sciences, human resources, information technology, procurement & supply chain, sales & marketing, and tax & legal.

Website URL:

14. Adecco Belgium

Adecco is one of the top international staffing agencies and they help place candidates in temporary and permanent jobs for sectors like retail, technic, administration, HR, and logistics. They have offices in Belgian cities like Turnhout and Dilbeek.

Website URL:

15. Randstad

Randstad is a dutch staffing agency that was established in 1960 and if you are a student looking for a job in Belgium, then you might consider making use of Randstad. They help candidates get student jobs and permanent jobs for their areas of expertise which include contact center, construction, finance, high techies, hospitality, logistics, medical, office, sales & promotion, and transport.

Website URL:

16. Four Life Sciences

Four Life Sciences is a staffing agency with offices in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. When selecting candidates, they also look at the personality and character of the job seekers. Their areas of expertise include Maintenance, Food (FMCG), Production, Quality, Supply Chain & Sales Professionals.

Four Life Sciences Contact Details

Queen Astridplein 41 – 42
2018 Antwerp
Phone: +32(0)38082940
Website URL:

17. European Affairs Recruitment Specialists

European Affairs Recruitment Specialists employ a unique search and selection process to help their clients find those who fit into their organization perfectly. The market they cover includes associations, corporations, consultancies, NGOs, law firms, intergovernmental, diplomacy, and regional offices.

European Affairs Recruitment Specialists

35 Square de Meeûs (3rd floor) – 1000 Brussels
Phone: + 32(0)26488309
Website URL:

18. Skillflex

Skillflex helps companies recruit temporary or permanent employees or students and they can accomplish this task because of their in-depth knowledge of the local labour market. Their areas of expertise include logistics, administration, sales & marketing & HR.

Website URL:


These are the best recruitment agencies in Belgium that job seekers can make use of to get either temporary or permanent jobs in their areas of specialization/discipline. There are guidelines that you must follow to obtain a Belgian visa and you can find out those guidelines

These recruitment agencies can aid any job seeker to get their dream job in Belgium either on a permanent, or temporary basis.

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