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List Of Top 16 Best Recruitment Agencies In Berlin(2023)

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Berlin is the capital of Germany and also the largest and most populous city in Germany. Since Berlin is the capital city of Germany, there are a lot of recruitment agencies situated there.

The sole aim of recruitment agencies is to help job seekers gain a job but it is important to note that the recruitment agency is not in charge of hiring candidates rather, they act as a bridge between candidates and job seekers and this allows them to focus on selecting the best candidates that suit the role their client company is undergoing recruitment for.

There are many benefits of employing the services of a recruitment agency to secure a job, especially as a foreigner. The best recruitment agencies in Berlin would most likely be international recruitment agencies and we have over-emphasized why it is preferable to make use of their services, especially as a foreigner.

This article would provide information on the list of top recruitment agencies in Berlin and their official websites and contact details.

Best Recruitment Agencies In Germany

1.Michael Page

Michael Page is an experienced recruiter that is known to accompany companies throughout the whole recruitment process. Their areas of expertise include Sales & Marketing, Engineering & Manufacturing, Finance & Accounting, Financial Services, Human Resources, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Information Technology, Procurement & Supply Chain and Property & Construction.

They have qualified personnel for each of these areas that can help job seekers get a job on a permanent,temporary,and interim basis.

Michael Page Contact Details

Physical Address

Friedrichstraße 140
10117 Berlin


Phone: +49 30 400047-0


2. Approach People

Approach people are international recruitment experts and they are one of the few staffing agencies that recruit via social media. They have established relationships with some of the biggest companies in Europe like Amazon.

Approach People has a team that consists of multilingual consultants and their areas of expertise include sales, digital/IT, marketing, business support, multilingual,management, luxury, retail, finance, accountancy, finance, life sciences,and engineering.


3. Kelly Services

Kelly Services is an American staffing agency that has recruitment experts who provide recruitment services like direct exchange, temporary recruitment and interim and freelance recruitment services. Their areas of expertise or specialization include technology,healthcare, finance, life sciences, and industrial & technology.

Website URL:

4. Cassia Global

Cassia Global have been providing recruitment services in Berlin since 2005 and they specialize in recruiting/hiring job seekers in the engineering sector at mid,senior,and leadership levels.

Website URL:

5. JobActive

Jobactive has been in the recruitment market since 2001 and they were a subsidiary of Bayer Group up until 2010. They have branches in cities like Leverkusen, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Düsseldorf and Munich.

Their areas of expertise include pharmaceutical, chemical, industry, IT, and professional industries.

JobActive Leverkusen Contact Details

Friedrich-Ebert-Platz 7-11
51373 Leverkusen
Phone: + 49 (0)214 8690 91-0
Website URL:

6. Hays

Hays is one of the most experienced staffing agencies in the world and Germany. Hays have clients in different industries and some of their top clients include BMW, Assmann, and Bayer. Hays helps their client companies find specialists and executives in disciplines like construction property, engineering, finance, healthcare, human resources, information technology, legal, life sciences, retail,and sales & marketing.

Hays Contact Details

Friedrichstr. 88
10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 84 7884 0
Website URL:

7. Consortia DE

Consortia is a specialist recruitment agency in digital, tech, and data discipline. They help companies recruit those who are specialists in User Experience, Product Management, Development, DevOps and Data Science.

Consortia DE Contact Details

Phone: 0203 397 4565
Website URL:

8. Talent International

Talent International is an IT specialized recruitment agency that has been providing recruitment services since 1995. They are dubbed the fastest growing IT staffing agency and they help candidates who are specialists in UI/UX design, react development, and full stack development to mention a few get placements in companies which they provide recruitment services for or partner with.

Website URL:

9. Tech Punk

As the name implies, Tech punk is a recruitment agency specialized for those in the IT sector. Their clients include those in open source technology and modern technology. They can assist candidates find jobs in software engineering, infrastructure,design, product/project, special skills,and team lead & management.

Tech Punk Contact Details

Tech Punk GmbH
Friedrichstraße 68
10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 23 59 308 – 0
Website URL:

10. Head Match

Head Match was established in 2010 and they specialize in the placement of specialists and executives in industries like finance and accounting, sales, marketing,engineering & supply chain, human resources, information technology, legal,and property and construction.

Head Match Contact Details

Georgenstraße 24
10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30-325 320-0
Website URL:

11. Hire A Doctor Group

Hire A Doctor Group is a healthcare staffing agency that helps place nurses, doctors,and paramedics in healthcare facilities on a short term basis.

Website URL:

12. Designer Dock

Designer Dock is a recruitment agency that helps place job seekers in the advertising, design, and digital sector. They have offices in other German cities like Hamburg, Wien and Stuttgart.

Designer Dock Contact Details

Bergmannstraße 102
10961 Berlin
Phone: 030-69-59-66 0
Website URL:

13.Nigel Frank

Nigel Frank is an international IT recruitment firm that specializes in Microsoft technologies. They help place candidates who specialize in intelligent cloud, modern workplace, and business applications in temporary and permanent roles.

Nigel Frank Germany Contact Details

1st Floor Berlin Am Zoo Budapester
Str. 35 10787
Berlin Germany
Phone: +49 3030 808 800
Website URL:

14. Cogs

Cogs is an international headhunter and their Berlin branch was established in 2012 and they have offices spread across Asian countries like Singapore and China. In total, they have 6 offices and their areas of specialization include Auto, Aero, Fintech,and FMCG.

Cogs Berlin Contact Details

Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 9
10969 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 467 267 00
Website URL:

15. Gateway Germany

Gateway Germany provides recruitment and relocation services and as a foreigner, this is one of the best recruitment firms to make use of. They provide temporary placement services for those in the IT sector.

Gateway Germany Contact Details

Markgrafenstr. 11
10969 Berlin, Germany
Website URL:

16. Jobzioo

Jobzioo provides services like qualification programs, job placement, and approbation for job seekers in Germany. The industries they specialize in include healthcare, IT, technology, artisans,and training. They have two offices in Germany located in Leipzig and Berlin.

Jobzioo Contact Details

Bellevuestraẞe 1 ,10785 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30-120883920
Website URL:


With any of the recruitment agencies outlined above, you are sure of getting a job in Berlin easily. We have provided the URL to each of these sites so go ahead and contact them after reading this article.

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